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Funeral Services Education Camp

The FIRST camp of its kind!!!

For the first time in history, a Summer Camp geared towards the desires and aspirations of youth and young adults’ goals has been launched by the founding ladies of After Life Mortuary Services, LLC.! The camp which suited 13-17 year olds, provided hands on experience and training within professions of Death Care, (Professions in Funeral Services, or related to Funeral Services).  The camp attendees had an exciting and enlightening 2 week opportunity to meet, associate and work with a variety of licensed professionals!  They also toured multiple facilities that are in connection with Funeral professionals. 
-TN Cremations: Adam Brasfield, Crematory Owner/ Operator
-NWCC: Northwest MS Community College
-Historical Elmwood Cemetery
-MERI: Medical Education Research Institute
- Harrison’s Memorial Chapel, Inc. 
-Memorial Park Cemetery
-Monica Torres, Host of Cold Hands and Licensed Mortician and Restorative Artist 
Phoenix, Arizona  
-UT West TN Regional Forensic Center: Sean Lester, D- ABMDI
-Armed Forces Mortuary Personnel: Jada Lewis
-Office of District Attorney General: 
Rochelle Cooper, Criminal Investigator
-Wilbert Vault Co.: Jack Thomas